Our Philosophy

Ashtanga Yoga School is a space for learning, personal development & empowerment.

Yoga as a practice and a philosophy is infinite, and one can dedicate a lifetime to its boundless endlessly rewarding study. The Ashtanga Yoga School philosophy is to help you create your own foundation of a strong and sturdy personal practice which is the bedrock of the journey of the yogi. Our aim is to support your Ashtanga Yoga Journey both on and off the mat.

The AYS course is a roadmap and each student will have a different destination, whether that destination is to become a better teacher or just to deepen knowledge and practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Taking the ethos of the Mysore Room where each student is taught individually in a group setting, the AYS course will provide the tools to address students’ unique needs, wants and goals.Each student will be assigned a mentor to help and advise both during the course and after.

The AYS course (please see button below to request our syllabus and a breakdown of each weekend) will be held over 10 weekends plus there will be home learning modules on chanting, philosophy , yoga sutras, Zen mediation and more.

The lead teachers of AYS Matt Ryan and Donna Southwell have over 40 years of teaching and practicing Ashtanga Yoga between them. Both have made multiple trips to Mysore South India to study with Pattabhi and Sharath Jois.

Each student will receive a certificate of attendance on completion of the course.

A personal note from Donna and MattWe have chosen not to get our course accredited by any of the self-regulating Yoga organisations. We feel our own combined 40 plus years of experience of teaching and practicing Ashtanga Yoga provides us with our own authenticity and authority.

"I can’t express my praise fully enough here. Matt’s the most engaging and purposeful Ashtanga teacher I’ve ever had the privilege of practicing with. I’ve practiced for seven years or so with input from 20+ teachers. None of them get in the stiff and stuck areas that need attention, or go as far with those adjustments as MR. I’ve had great Ashtanga here in LA and elsewhere, and Matt is at the top of the top of those experiences".

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