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Ashtanga Yoga School Course

Please note that our 2023 immersion is fully booked. We are now accepting applications for the 2024 course.Start date January 2024.

The AYS programme will be held over 10 weekends in 2024 at our amazing studio in Castlefield Manchester – dates as follows 

Jan 27/28 Feb 24/25 March 23/24
April 27/28 May 25/26 June 22/23
July 27/28 Sept 28/29 Oct 19/20 Nov 30 / Dec 1st


The Ashtanga Yoga Primary series and it’s component parts will form the foundation of our course with optional modules in Pranayama , Zen Meditation , Chanting , Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Postures and East/West Spiritual Paths.

Each weekend will feature a similar format including Mysore & Led Classes , technique sessions , meditation and pranayama.

The AYS course mandate is to provide the tools and teaching for each student’s individual unique goals – be it to become a better teacher or deepen knowledge and practice of Ashtanga Yoga. 

Course costs on application .

AYS Teachers

A faculty of leaders

The Ashtanga Yoga School boasts a faculty of teachers who are leaders in their fields. From Certified Ashtanga teachers to Zen masters. We even have specialist vocal instructors to help you vocalise your teachings to a class.

Whatever your unique wants and goals are, our dedication is to help you achieve that goal. Click button below for AYS Syllabus.  

AYS Philosphy


Yoga as a practice and a philosophy is infinite, and one can dedicate a lifetime to its boundless endlessly rewarding study.  The Ashtanga Yoga School philosophy is to help you create your own foundation of a strong and sturdy personal practice which is the bedrock of the journey of the yogi. Please click the button below for the full breakdown of the AYS course syllabus. 

What to expect on our course

The Ashtanga Yoga School course will help establish a deeper understanding of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series and all its component parts in each student. Along the journey of the AYS course, you will be taught the traditional method of Sanskrit Vinyasa counting, anatomy including structural alignment, hands on adjustments ,pranayama and its companion breathing techniques. Our philosophy modules will including critical thinking from both East & West combining the study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Transpersonal psychology. Please click the button below for the in-depth AYS Syllabus.

Changing your internal/external worlds

AYS doesn’t change Ashtanga Yoga- we simply teach you to change the way that you observe and perceive the practice. AYS will teach you how to build a different detailed map of Ashtanga that will help you become a better teacher or perhaps have a deeper understanding and connection to it’s transformative powers. AYS see Ashtanga Yoga as a microcosm to the macrocosm of life , and through our course we hope to teach you to get a better understanding of yourself and patterns of behaviour to help you stop what is getting in your way and begin doing more of what helps you to achieve your goals both on and off the mat.  

Syllabus & Application Request

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